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Music is the great equalizer. Music has that capacity to connect people. Javinson & Company has uniquely combined decision analytics with musical trends to target their market demographic.


Numerous academic studies have shown the impact of music in the background can significantly affect decision making process of the consumer. Extremely obnoxious music in the background of supermarkets urges shoppers to quickly make their selection decreasing sales production. However, smooth easy moderate tempo background music causes shoppers to casually move about in the aisles with an unhurried fashion. Taking their time to selection with pleasant attitude. Which results with increase in sales production. This same impact has the results at restaurants.



Classical music played in the background in­directly influences people to purchase more expensive items vs current pop music or top 40 current music. Playing music while people are on hold tend to wait longer, especially if they like the music.  They will least likely hang or be aggravated or disgruntled.


Javinson & Company utilizes the indirect & direct approach to corporate imaging and branding. For example: “Inattention blindness or change blindness” Is the idea people have a higher chance to overlook large visual changes in their“direct” line of sight because their attention is completely focused on something else.


How does this relate to building a brand or corporate imaging and how does music relate to how Javinson & Company can help you utilize these to concepts for your image and brand.  When creating something like a website or logo, i­It simply means you can’t assume that just because something is on a screen or in plain sight that people will see it.  Combined with background music ­­indirect & direct approach will significantly draw you target with the results that can surprise you.


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