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Market Penetration

At JAVINSON & COMPANY we help strategize ways to penetrate the market.  We develop an outline and "thought out" plan on how to use exisiting products to capture a larger marketshare worldwide.

We develop ways to help lower costs of your exisiting products, online promotion techniques, and most of all we encourage non users to try your product or service through our database.

Product Expansion

We do extensive research and development to see what kind of products and services you should have newly released in your company to ensure that you branch out into new markets for potetial growth.

We continue to help you stategize sales within your market.

The increase in technological advances truly makes this shift in new products an important staple in any companies brand awarenes campaign.

Market Expansion

The market your company is currently involved may not have enough room to grow.  If this is the factor we shall look at different markets across the globe to see where and how your product or service works within that area.

Research is a necessity as countries have different perspectives and customs on business and how a particular good or service shall be sold.


Diversification is a risky business strategy but a very compelling decision.  Small companies are at the most risk when it comes to diversification.

We will help to market or modify your business and bring it into market. Together we shall set up strong objectives and innovative approach to getting this done correctly.

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