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Protect your Mind

Everyday we are thrown negative images or crap from social media. Believe me I have been caught watching and getting entertained by useless drama that doesn’t help me grow. Is it entertaining, yes? The issue is that it may not be good to your over mental health on your journey to wealth. How many of you have a social media account such as Facebook or Instagram? Have you seen all the cool things your friends and families are up to? If so, may not be good to your health. I do not say that you should give up social media and all the entertaining news that you can get from it but be cautious with all the news coming into your brain.

How many of you have made comparisons to your life and asked why one of your friends and family members get to go on that cool vacation and you haven’t? Do you compare yourself? If you want to be the one on a dream vacation then just decide and make a bigger and better life for yourself. Comparing yourself to anyone is death. You compete to make yourself better. No one likes to be compared so why would you compare yourself to someone else?

Do you watch reality TV? Be especially careful with the useless drama that doesn’t help you to get wealth. Reality television is focused on drama for ratings but is not conducive to wealth building. They focus on the negative things in each other’s lives because that is what entertainment is about ...DRAMA.

If you do choose to watch entertaining crap just be aware that it may sink into your mind. Learn how to protect it or let it come into one ear and out the next. It will be difficult but understand your feelings and see if it affects you in a positive way and see if it gets you closer to wealth.

Do you watch local news? Ask yourself how much of the news is positive information. Most likely all the information that you are watching are death, war, and or drugs on a daily basis. Do you think that it has been helping you on your quest to become wealthy? If anything it’s making you scared of all the crazy things that are happening outside and making you fearful and anxious about all the terrible things that are happening in the world. Think about how much of the news positively charging your mind. That does not help you on your road to wealth.

The drama with your family is essentially another barrier to your success to building wealth. Family and friends try to stop you from becoming who you want to be. The goal is not to stop taking to them or disregarding there information but again being aware that it can affect you. Family are always happy to see you but when they see you succeed or surpass their goals its difficult to swallow.

Be strong and holdfast your dreams. When I say dreams I will exchange that word with realities. The reason being is that the definition of dreams means to think, consider, or contemplate. We are not here to contemplate making your dreams happen. You need to make it your reality. You will need to identify your needs and make them realities. Until you know what you want and where you want to be you will never get to where you want to go.

Take inventory of your life.

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