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Identity (Part 2)

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Identity is connected to what you are originally designed to be. In other words, you have a purpose and you made to do something great--even before you were even born. There is a certain DNA or biological structure that defines who you are. Therefore, scientifically, your genetic make-up is specific to only you.

Think about the billions of people in the world and you the only person designed to fulfill that purpose. No one else can be you. As soon as you realize you are unique and capable of amazing things, then you will move in that direction of your destination.

The concept of speaking or uttering things into existence will become a reality. When you declare in your mind you are "resetting" the direction of which you are currently going. This sets in motion a chain reaction in your mind which will result in the attitude or perspective of your world view.

When your perspective is reset, your actions will follow. Combined with persistent and consistent commitment over time you will be moving in the direction of your destination. However, the question still remains: " How do I found out what I am I designed to be?"

Let's consider how emotions are a reflection of your person-hood. Your passion is rooted deep in you emotions. Fear, Disgust, Anger, Joy, Sadness etc. These are the gateways to your inner most desires/ being. The emotion will either have a positive consequence or a negative consequence. This will be an indicator or compass to confirm your accuracy of your destination. Its not about self discovery or "finding yourself". It operating in what you are designed to be.

--"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself"

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