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How do we answer the question of who you are? Identity is descriptive and a philosophical question.

It has been said "You can not move in the direction of your destination unless you know where you are located."

Most people ask this specific casual question during small talk conversation, "What do you do?" People unintentionally put other people in a box and categorized each other to make sense of how they fit in with the rest of the world. The natural response is to state your profession such as doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, farmer, actor, etc.

Identity is also described as who you are to someone else. Father, mother, brother, sister, etc. However, this is also philosophical conundrum, because for example: A man or woman can conceive a baby but it doesn't necessarily assume or suggest you are a parent to that child. While it takes a physical decision to conceive a baby but it truly takes a continuous commitment to decide to "BE" a parent for that child.

Consequently, if all you knew was to be a mother, father, etc and suddenly your children are adults. Parents frantically realize they don't know who they are. They have majored in the minors. They have focused on something that wasn't meant to define your existence. The same identity crisis happens when someone who works for a company for decades is suddenly "let go" and now has to "find himself."

Ultimately, who you are to someone else or what you do to make a living doesn't define who you are in life or what the purpose of your existence. Identity is answered by also asking the purpose of life.

When you find your life calling, you will fight and do whatever it takes to fulfill what you are meant to "BE." The process of becoming is more important than what you do.

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