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It Comes down to Defintion


It all comes down to how something can be defined.

By definition an idea is: a thought or suggestion.

Imagine a the process of pregnancy as it it relates to business. After an idea there is a conception and by definition conception is: the action of creating a service or a product.

Then the process takes its course of the development of such a product or service.

Idea = Supply & Demand

Conception = Process of starting a small business

Development = Prepare for greatness

Phase 1 = Vulnerability of a small business

Phase 2 = Build your infrastructure

Phase 3 = The Pain of a small business

Birth = Joys of a small business


Most small business owners fall under one or both categories: dreamers or opportunistist. For the dreamer it starts with an idea. If this business owner is passion about this idea. This person will do whatever it takes to make it happen regardless of the obstacles in its path. Others will get a few pushback or opposing views and eventually quit because the idea was just an idea.

The question remains: what causes a person to move. What motivates people to take action. Some say its their 'will-power" their willingness and self motivation to "do" what it takes i.e. " loose weight, live better, quit smoking, etc. While others may say its their "why" i.e. " family, money, time freedom, non-profit work, etc" I agree both the willingness and reasons for motivation can propel someone to take action. However, willingness will fail because the human nature break our own promise and settle for being in that current state. The point is the reasons or " why " we are motivated to move and bring an idea to conception isn't willingness but our reasons. Your passion is the one the most powerful things you can harness. The world will tell you to stop but you passion will tell you to fight at whatever cost.


When and idea has planted in our mind it becomes a "seed" if the seed gets proper light and water to flourish the seed will break in order for it a place to grow. Conception is the process of "breaking" the barrier of walls the seed its contained it. In order for a seed to grow. It has to be broken. The process of breaking is allowing your mind to go beyond your skills, talents, resources, & influence. Its expanding your mind to create to something from nothing. Create an environment for yourself for creativity and imagination. Don't underestimate the power of what your mind can conjure up. Everyday spend at least 1 hour just creating, building, innovating , explore all possibilities. Your mind will find the path. It will be mapped out and you will pull your resources, connections, skills, talents, etc in order to see this become a living breathing organic being you created just from an idea. Break out of you comfort zone.


Do your research. Be a student. Do you homework. Know the industry. Know the numbers. Know the history. Seek the information. Be the expert. There is a reason why there are studies & research about the effects of unborn baby if certain habits of the environment isn't conducive: is by definition = making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible. For example: if the mother of an unborn baby is smoking, drinking alcohol. It creates an negative environment for a healthy unborn baby to grow.

Phase 1: Vulnerability of a small business

Surround yourself with others that catch the vision. Share with others the idea. Let them part-take in the greatness of developing how it operates. Strategy and technique. Plan ahead. There is an illustration of a Dog who runs after a rabbit. This dog runs with passion and determination. Eager to catch the rabbit and other dogs begin to see this fellow dog passion to get that rabbit. Which results in other dogs chasing after the rabbit too. Hours, days, weeks, months go by and now the group of dogs are all chasing this rabbit. The group that once started as a group of 2-3 has grown to 20-30. Soon enough the the pack of dogs grows to 200-300. Other dogs join the chase just simply to join the pack of running dogs. Now the pack of dogs is so large 2000-3000 it creates a large commotion so loud that the pack of dogs can be heard for miles---Other dogs come all over to join the pack of running dogs just to be apart of something seemingly worth running so hard with passion. It such a large pack of dogs it dominates to region. However, as time passes, the pack of dogs begins to diminish. Some dogs get tired and quit. Some get injured and fall at the wayside of the road and cannot continue. While some others quit because other dogs are not running anymore either. The once large glamorous dog pack has become just only a handful of dogs that continue to run as hard as the beginning when those " seen the rabbit" They know and see why they are chasing after. Its not just for other reasons but those dogs have a target, a vision of why they are running in the first place. Share the vision -- so that others will run with you to attain mission of fulfilling the vision.

Phase 2 Build your infrastructure

Design your organization chart. " Know your role" Small business owners will wear multiple hats to run the business. Create roles and responsibilities and stay within your role and responsibilities. Allow and empower the people you brought in to do their duties. Let them do the task they were hired to do. The military has a very structured chain of command. If a small business would operate under that same standard then the business would be more efficient and operated with no break in communication. If you as small business owner don't view your business as a multi-million dollar business then others won't view it as such either.

Phase 3 Pain of small business

Most small business owners have 3-4 of these 10 problems with running a small business:

1). Working capital or not enough money to sustain the business.

2). Acquiring new customers or marketing

3). Maintain current customer or repeat business

4). Revenue is too low

5). Our profits aren't work the headache

6) Employees come and go. Unhappy employees

7). Difficulties with a business partner

8). Too much competition

9). Not enough demand for service or product

10.) Desires to quit and sell the business

Birth joys of a small business

If you endure the pain of a small business you will find yourself more appreciative and realize how wonderful the elite class of people in the world that can say I am my own boss. This is your baby. Take care of it.

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